There’re so many over-priced disability/mobility products. It’s an industry just begging for a disruptor with enough capital and business nous to come in and clean up. $30 for a plastic shoehorn? $300 for a ugly aluminium frame chair? $50 for cheap aluminium crutches? $1000’s of dollars for frames, rollators and scooters? And these prices are having to be met by those on disability pensions, unable to work or borne by loved ones such as children and/or spouses! For (mostly) old pensioners who live under the poverty line already?!

In Australia at least, the industry is very underdeveloped. (According to IBISWorld), 14% of mobility aid suppliers to the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) are sole traders!!

Almost totally reliant on imported goods, you can’t tell me a smart entrepreneur can’t figure out a way to get the goods in, still provide the individual service needed (which drives huge wage costs) and still not benefit from economies of scale merely by investing properly? Ageing population? Increasingly sickly and obese population? Cha-ching!!

If only my daddy was rich enough I’d have a go. Just begging for someone to make big money and provide lower costs.