Just had the most lovely and relaxing walk around the Botanic Gardens in Ballarat, flowers and trees in full autumn bloom, so relaxing……… then I get back to my car and some religious fundamentalist nutjob1 approaches me and starts full-on preaching at me about the Lord, about how he gave his son, blah blah blah, heaven and hell and so on.

I start off polite: “Look, that’s not really for me but thanks anyway” … she keeps preaching … “I appreciate these are your beliefs but I don’t adhere to the same, please leave me be” … she keeps preaching … “Look, I don’t want to hear any more, just go away” … she keeps preaching

So I did the only thing I could think of in that moment: put some metal on, loudly pledged my allegiance and my soul to the Dark One and just reversed and drove off whilst she looked on in horror. She kinda asked for it though, to be fair…

On the plus side, I got some beautiful shots of the Gardens.

Autumn colours on a tree in the Ballarat Botanic Gardens

  1. I try always to be respectful and tolerant of everybody’s beliefs: right up until they’re either intolerant of mine or try to force theirs on me. If you’re a Christian, and a good person, good on you, we can be mates. If this post offends you, maybe you lean a bit too far to the right for us ever to get along anyway… [return]