Reading about Dogs legend Scott West’s spray against Bevo. To Scott West I say this: I loved watching you play and you’re a legend of our club, but it must be said, you were a legend of our club during a time when individuals prevailed over team, and we suffered a 62-year premiership drought as a result of much strife and financial problems. So now, to rip into a coach who is part of a new face to the club, an administration that has delivered us a premiership, that is currently 2nd on the ladder with the best percentage, a club that is going places and considered a contender (at least at this early stage of the season), a club where players now want to be traded/drafted to us instead of dreading it… and all because your son got dropped after getting five touches of the footy, which resulted in five clangers and who laid only two tackles. I can stand a player getting 5 touches if he lays 10+ tackles. But he also gave away a few frees to boot. Just a dad being an ugly parent writ large. Sorry Scotty, Rhylee can earn his spot like everyone else. Others are tearing down the house in the VFL and struggling to squeeze back in, why should little Rhylee be any different?