Aujourd’hui j’apprends le français depuis six mois.

(Today I have been learning French for six months.)

Il fait amusant! 🇫🇷

Sometimes when learning French I come across a sentence that says something much better than in English. 🇫🇷 «J’ai envie de faire du vélo» just captures exactly my sentiment so much more than 🇬🇧 ”I want to ride my bike”. 🚲 Maybe it’s just the use of ‘envie’ and association with envy. I dunno. I just know I can’t ride and it sucks and I want to and the French phrase feels like it communicates that better.

Ça fait cent jours d’apprendre le français. Je me suis amusé.

I’ve started to keep a basic diary in French. 🇫🇷

The idea is to practice daily, writing how my day was, and also to practice writing the days and times; but because my français is so basic it shall be the world’s dullest diary! 🤣 For example, yesterday’s entry was 🇫🇷 « Jeudi 6 mai 2021, seize et demie. Il faisait beau, 19C. J’ai marché dans le parc. Je pris un café avec mes amie, Felicity. » or 🇬🇧 “Thursday 6 May, 16:30. The weather was nice, 19C. I walked in the park. I had coffee with my friend, Felicity.” Riveting stuff.

Française classes 🇫🇷

Just finished my first in-person Française class, with Alliance Française de Ballarat. Learning face-to-face is so different, and good for both my pronunciation and my ear. Thoroughly enjoyed the class, looking forward to next week…