On the road again, pure joy! 🚲

Finally got back on my bike today for the first time in 2021, after seven months recovering from spinal surgery. The shitty weather and blowing cold Ballarat wind couldn’t take away from my sheer joy in being back on the road, with the wind in my face, fighting back tears of relief. When I hurt myself again last year, I didn’t know whether or not I’d get back to riding again, as my last tour exacerbated my back problems and I spent quite a few months worried about ever getting back.

The original plan was to wait until September, but a combination of watching the Olympics, eating copious amounts of food for my birthday yesterday, stacking on nearly ten kilos, and overwhelming boredom has gotten me back out there sooner, and I’m very glad I did so. I only did one lap of the lake, 8km and nice and easy (which isn’t to say I wasn’t exhausted!) but a good first ride.

Sometimes when learning French I come across a sentence that says something much better than in English. 🇫🇷 «J’ai envie de faire du vélo» just captures exactly my sentiment so much more than 🇬🇧 ”I want to ride my bike”. 🚲 Maybe it’s just the use of ‘envie’ and association with envy. I dunno. I just know I can’t ride and it sucks and I want to and the French phrase feels like it communicates that better.

Having some juvenile fun with my Strava walk today

Ever had to buy mobility equipment? Industry is wide open for someone with enough capital to clean up! ♿️

There’re so many over-priced disability/mobility products. It’s an industry just begging for a disruptor with enough capital and business nous to come in and clean up. $30 for a plastic shoehorn? $300 for a ugly aluminium frame chair? $50 for cheap aluminium crutches? $1000’s of dollars for frames, rollators and scooters? And these prices are having to be met by those on disability pensions, unable to work or borne by loved ones such as children and/or spouses! For (mostly) old pensioners who live under the poverty line already?!

In Australia at least, the industry is very underdeveloped. (According to IBISWorld), 14% of mobility aid suppliers to the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) are sole traders!!

Almost totally reliant on imported goods, you can’t tell me a smart entrepreneur can’t figure out a way to get the goods in, still provide the individual service needed (which drives huge wage costs) and still not benefit from economies of scale merely by investing properly? Ageing population? Increasingly sickly and obese population? Cha-ching!!

If only my daddy was rich enough I’d have a go. Just begging for someone to make big money and provide lower costs.

Am I just being too “male” when I find some sort of dumb pride in my surgeon telling me I’m overdoing my physical rehab? As in: “Hell yeah, I’m walking the shit out of that shit!” and treating it as some stupid confirmation of my toxic masculinity and toughness? 🏋🏻‍♂️🤣

Awake all night, sleep all day, grumpy a lot, can’t entirely fend for myself and getting increasingly shitty about it: my surgery has turned me into a teenager! 🤣 Fun times…

Four weeks post-op!

Still feeling very sore today, maybe due to the cold weather, however I remain very happy to reach the four week post-op milestone.

I’m hoping my surgeon will tell me on Tuesday that I can drive again, and especially get back to some light fishing. I’ve been following all the rules, doing all the rehab and walking, and now just want to start getting back to my regular life a little…