@joshua ding ding ding ding dingadingading!!

@joshua but the best part of a dad joke is in the delivery, and they’ve fucked that up completely.

@joshua start a petition!

@maique Good. Fewer humans = happier Earth.

@RossA when camping, rain is the fun!

@aa beautiful!

@aa do you have any pieces to show us?

@jean yes I love to work both leather and wood. I make mostly gifts, mostly for the simple joy of watching someone receive something hand made with care and love.

@joshua because they don’t value their own time. I’ve had so many conversations with small business owners where it’s very obvious: they cannot put a dollar figure on their time. So a holiday/day off is an unknown unquantifiable risk. That’s scary for a small business.

@jean I’d have to admit to being a bit of an addict.

@joshua Could be worse. You could see it suddenly board another plane and …

@joshua you should look up Swag Family Hughes, a family of four that toured Australia on tandem bicycles with two little kids along. Not a caravan trip per se but I bet they have some great insights.

@joshua makes me feel safer about Judgment Day when Skynet becomes self-aware and the Terminators come for me. They’re going to be pretty easy to defeat with an Aussie accent.

@joshua have used Fastmail for years now and I mostly like it, but their Dark Mode just ruins emails and as an email designer it irks me no end. I’ve stuck with them hoping they’ll adopt standards and improve.

@Applegeek wait 13 years and you’re desperately trying every trick in the parenting book just to get them out of bed early.

@Cheri awesome I’ll check them out! Thanks!

@Cheri Have you released any yet?

@aa thanks!

@Cheri Maybe as a society we could just dispense with pants altogether?

@manton as an Aussie it might be next year before I get fully vaccinated.

@RossA oh God so sad at the end. Losing a dog is almost like losing a kid. Poor Rambo.

@Cheri add to your research: Bob’s Burgers: Sexy Dance Fighting

@Archimage you can’t just answer “Because I’ve written a book?”

@baldur I think we (by “we” I mean some of our designer brethren) struggle to show the resultant value creation of our design. “Design X will deliver $1m in value to the organisation by making customer experience easier and twenty times more sales will occur. Design Y will thus only deliver $50k.” The choice between Designer Y who works cheap, and Designer X who charges five times more but delivers more than five times the value becomes a very simple and easy business decision to make. Maybe it shouldn’t work that way but it does, because many, if not most, companies are controlled by accountants, and/or funded by shareholders who want a particular return on investment. Money is always the root driver. If you can relate your design to money and value creation then you don’t have to have those arguments about price. Like all trade, arguments about price come about when the value isn’t clearly demonstrated or proven.

@RossA do you use the backlight or read with a night light? My partner has one and I kinda nag her to use the light to better look after her eyesight. Thinking of getting one myself and we’re constantly having the nightlight vs. backlight debate.