@joshua agree! I think software companies, often run by accountants, have fallen too far in love with the ~~subscription~~ constantly-recurring-revenue model at the detriment of long term planning. In days gone by, to sell an upgrade one needed to offer improvements and listen to customers. Now it's only a matter of access. The open source community is too riddled with abandoned code to ever support a long term business reliably (reliably enough to bet millions of your shareholders' funds on it) and the next generation are so wedded to frameworks and stacks that one wonders what the tech world will look like in another 20 years. The arguments about piracy were fallacious even back then: i was so proud of myself when i finally attained the professional competency to justify my Adobe license. I couldn't wait to pay for it.

@Cheri it would be the easiest feature to implement also.

@cambridgeport90 @odd would be great to have two settings: a) Automatically install security updates without telling me and b) define timeframe for non-security updates: weekly, monthly, etc

@RossA doesn’t always work that way. I thought that with my daughter, but she took a whole year to have the courage to even push off.

@cdevroe I dislike it also. Thankfully, I am certain it will follow the trail blazed by marquees, aqua buttons, scrollbar styling, tiny font sizes etc… straight into eventual oblivion

@RossA yes, I think I’m afraid of the traffic and having an accident. Maybe I’m also afraid I’ve gotten too fat and unfit in the past six months of bed rest! 🤣

@Cheri it strikes me that the kind of director to direct a Marvel movie would be the kind to kowtow to studio executives wanting more ass. “But 15 year old boys are still our prime demographic!”

@jayeless @maique @pimoore Roundabouts are brilliant, when they're used correctly. Most instructors teach them incorrectly: you don't give way to the right, you give way to everybody already in the roundabout. Many roundabouts have a main thoroughfare and smaller ones adjoining, so as people speed through them, and everybody waits for the car to the right, they can easily get clogged up with traffic and eventually result in traffic lights replacing them. If everybody slowed down on the approach, gave way to whoever enters first, and indicated when leaving the roundabout, they flow very easily. In WA the police enforce the indicating when leaving the roundabout (well, they did so 15 years ago when I lived there) and everybody did so, making it flow very efficiently.

@kitt Thank you!

@pimoore Thank you!

@manton what I love about micro.blog is that I can write my serious posts in markdown elsewhere (for me: Ulysses, but it doesn't matter where) and very simply and easily push through to my blog. If one day I wanted to print a book I'd just go from the source. My point is that in a good content strategy the blog would be a channel, not the primary source. If you have a docx export would users expect an import? You'd be biting into one massive painful pie.

@joshua ding ding ding ding dingadingading!!

@joshua but the best part of a dad joke is in the delivery, and they’ve fucked that up completely.

@joshua start a petition!

@maique Good. Fewer humans = happier Earth.

@RossA when camping, rain is the fun!

@aa beautiful!

@aa do you have any pieces to show us?

@jean yes I love to work both leather and wood. I make mostly gifts, mostly for the simple joy of watching someone receive something hand made with care and love.

@joshua because they don’t value their own time. I’ve had so many conversations with small business owners where it’s very obvious: they cannot put a dollar figure on their time. So a holiday/day off is an unknown unquantifiable risk. That’s scary for a small business.

@jean I’d have to admit to being a bit of an addict.

@joshua Could be worse. You could see it suddenly board another plane and …

@joshua you should look up Swag Family Hughes, a family of four that toured Australia on tandem bicycles with two little kids along. Not a caravan trip per se but I bet they have some great insights.

@joshua makes me feel safer about Judgment Day when Skynet becomes self-aware and the Terminators come for me. They’re going to be pretty easy to defeat with an Aussie accent.

@joshua have used Fastmail for years now and I mostly like it, but their Dark Mode just ruins emails and as an email designer it irks me no end. I’ve stuck with them hoping they’ll adopt standards and improve.